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News and upcoming events:

In 2014 we didn't succeed to organize our annual meeting in Ukraine, because of the crisis situation in the Eastern part of this country. Our ukrainian colleagues from L'viv State University of Life Safety did everything possible to organize our annual meeting, but, at least, the situation in their country didn't became peaceful and we cancelled the event.

Last year we had an extra Board meeting that has been held by the IFV, in Arnhem, The Netherlands.

This year, in 25th-27th February we had the Board meeting in Lithuania, in Trakai, near Vilnius.

Our annual meeting will be organized in Lithuania, by the Firefighters Training School in Vilnius, in the period 19th-22nd May 2015.

In 2016 our annual meeting will be organized in Bucharest, Romania, by the Police Academy "Alexandru Ioan Cuza".



Here you can find the archives for board meetings, conferences and general assembly in de past: